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Just a Bit About Us

The Saskatchewan Municipal Retiree Association is a non-profit that was established to provide superior health plans to 4 sectors in Saskatchewan. Municipal, Healthcare, Education, and Housing. These plans are meant to replace your existing group benefit plan and will provide the highest value coverage for the rest of their life. 


The association's board is made up of retired individuals that govern the inner workings and also act as a steering committee for how the plan is structured currently, and moving into the future. All of our members are welcome to join us for our annual AGM where we go over any updates, the overall health of the program, as well as establish goals for future enhancements and plan outreach programs.

Eric Biehn & Viking Benefit Solutions are the architects of the SMRA retiree plans. They are responsible for the growth, structure, marketing, sales, and ongoing administration of the program. Viking has partnered with, Johnston Group - who is responsible for the claims and adjudication process, Telus Assure - who is responsible for our pay-direct drugs and our formulary, Group Medical Services - who is responsible pricing and insuring our plans.